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            My dear friends:

            Today, through the Tibetan language radio service of China Media Group and China Tibet Online, I would like to extend to all my fellow Tibetans at home and abroad my best greetings for the new Tibetan year of the Iron Rat.

            In 2019, we stayed apace with the great times. Every family made progress and reaped benefits. Each and every person gained new understandings and personal growth.

            At present, people of all ethnic groups across China are fighting against the novel coronavirus outbreak. I firmly believe under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, with the whole society united in taking action and working together to help each other, we will definitely achieve the ultimate victory.

            For people in sickness and miseries in different places, may my blessings bring you ocean-like happiness. Our lives are bound to become better and better. Let us embrace each day with compassion, treat lives with kindness,cherish what we have, live life to the fullest, challenge ourselves to make more progress, accumulate happiness through charity and wisdom, and illuminate the world with more light and warmth.

            I wish and pray for world peace and social harmony. I wish and pray for the prosperity of our country. I wish and pray for health and well-being for our people. And I wish and pray for all living beings to achieve happiness by staying away from all sufferings.

            Thank you!

            Tashi Delek!

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